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After Medical Practice Closure – A New Chapter

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retired doctor playing golfafter Medical Practice closure… a new chapter begins

So you’ve decided to hang up your stethoscope and close your medical practice.

Now what?

Far from being an end point, retirement marks a new beginning, a gateway to the exciting next chapter of your life.

If you want to indulge in a life of leisure — golf galore; exotic travel; pursuing your favorite hobby or taking up a new one — then go for it. You’ve worked damn hard to get to this point. Let the good times roll!

For some, nothing brings more pleasure at this stage than more time with extended family.

Or maybe you want to keep your hand in medicine, but on a more relaxed schedule — say, two to three days a week.

In that case, you could become a “locum tenens” doctor, essentially a fill-in or temporary physician hired as-needed (you’ll have some freedom to make your own schedule and the pay is pretty darn good!). Another option is part-time work at one of many walk-in clinics opening practically everywhere.  Name your hours and take no headaches home.  A Google search will turn up staffing agencies specializing in these sorts of placements.  You may also want to check the classifieds section of publications like The Medical Post, Ontario Medical Review, BC Medical Journal, and many more.

Or maybe consulting is more your thing. If so, you could act as a consulting doctor to a healthcare facility, freeing up their roster of practicing doctors to concentrate on patient care.

Law firms often seek doctors to provide expert testimony in legal cases, especially those involving contentious malpractice suits. Companies that specialize in making medical devices often need consultants to advise on new products. Medical industry publications will hire doctors to fact-check articles. And government organizations often call on doctors to consult on disability claims, to assess their legitimacy.

Or you could become a scribe-for-hire and contribute freelance articles to medical magazines and websites.

You could go the community service route and volunteer your medical services at free clinics. Thinking bigger still, you could volunteer your services to developing countries — a quick Google search and you’ll be abroad in no time.

You’re in the driver’s seat and you have options aplenty.  The main thing is that you do what brings you happiness and satisfaction.  As we all know, those words represent many different things to different people.

Since 1997, RSRS has assisted hundreds of physicians with their medical practice closures and record-storage obligations.  We also can assist with recommending locums and part-time placements.  RSRS is the only physician-managed, fully compliant storage facility in Canada and follows the guidelines for each province with respect to medical practice closure and patient record retention.

Our medical practice closure services include Patient Notification; Packing Assistance (where available); Scanning of Records; and Patient Record Transfers & Retrievals.

Call us today at 1-888-563-3732 or visit our website, and get started on life’s next chapter.


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