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Tips on Closing Your Medical Practice

Closing a medical practice is a complex undertaking and requires a carefully planned strategy. Here are 8 tips to remember when closing your practice*: 1. Inform your staff three months in advance of the anticipated closing date. 2. Make sure … Continue reading

Changing Careers: Transitioning Out of Medicine is Easier Than You Think

Life is all about new beginnings and new directions, so if you’ve been thinking about transitioning out of medicine into a second career before you retire, there may be no better time than the present to do so. Everyone has … Continue reading

New Book & Services Help Doctors Address Retirement Issues

Retirement is the reward for a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice. You’ve earned the right to hang up your stethoscope and enjoy the good life: travel, golf, pursue a favourite hobby or take up a new one, whatever turns … Continue reading


Recent blogs have addressed the issue of retirement. For some, “retirement” may be a four-letter word. But it’s not, and is, in fact, a stepping-stone to your life’s next chapter. If you’re considering retirement but still want to keep your … Continue reading


How long can – or should – doctors practice before hanging up their stethoscope? It’s a delicate issue, fraught with issues such as the difficulty of accepting the idea of aging and the ingrained notion that retirement represents the end … Continue reading


If there’s one thing this summer’s massive Alberta floods taught us, it’s that patient medical records can be damaged in the blink of an eye. Patient files undoubtedly considered safe were destroyed by the historic floodwaters, creating monumental challenges for … Continue reading


Where are all the doctors? It’s a crucial question, since these days, physician shortages are widespread — and not without consequences. In Bonnyville, Alta., for instance, Alberta Health Services (AHS) decided to close the hospital’s two-person pathology department rather than … Continue reading

After Medical Practice Closure – A New Chapter

after Medical Practice closure… a new chapter begins So you’ve decided to hang up your stethoscope and close your medical practice. Now what? Far from being an end point, retirement marks a new beginning, a gateway to the exciting next … Continue reading

The Proactive Patient

According to a recent CBC news article, in the weeks after delivering a child in July, 2008, a Toronto-area woman noticed a dead-fish smell emanating from her body. Isn’t that a disgusting scenario? Turns out the source of the smell … Continue reading

Unattached Patient Programs – How Health Care Connect Helps Your Patients Locate New Physicians

  As you prepare to close your medical practice, you may feel concern over your patients’ ability to find a new health care practitioner. Of course, posting a notice in your office, mailing a letter to active patients or running … Continue reading