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Changing Careers: Transitioning Out of Medicine is Easier Than You Think

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Life is all about new beginnings and new directions, so if you’ve been thinking about transitioning out of medicine into a second career before you retire, there may be no better time than the present to do so.

Everyone has hidden talents and a secret career that they’ve always dreamed about. There’s so much choice, that the paths to finding your bliss are virtually limitless.

Looking to channel your inner Iron Chef? Then why not launch that food truck you’ve been putting together in your head these last few years? Tricked-out trucks are all the rage and regularly attract lineups of famished foodies eager to sample exotic fare.

Photo of a doctor who enjoys fine food, preparing a gourmet dish, contemplating a second career.

What excites you now? Is it time to follow a new passion?

Moroccan tacos? Vietnamese noodle soups? Israeli/Mediterranean tapas? The menu is limited only by your imagination. Buy a truck, finalize a culinary theme, think up a clever name and you’re good to go.

You could start a catering company or launch a baked-goods business.

Fancy yourself the host with the most? Then why not open a bed and breakfast in the country (or city, for that matter)? We know of a couple of retired physicians who have done just that. Opportunities abound online — everything from freelance writing and craft-related businesses to consulting.

Now may be the ideal time to turn your untapped skills into gold and pursue a second career that will reignite your passion.

Seize the day. Your future starts now.

If concern for your patients is preventing you from transitioning out of medicine, don’t give it a second thought, because RSRS will make sure the transition goes super-smoothly.

Since 1997, RSRS has helped more than 1,000 physicians to properly notify patients, transfer their patient records and meet their record-storage obligations. Where possible, RSRS even helps patients find a new doctor.

With RSRS, your patients’ needs are our highest priority.

RSRS is the only physician-managed, fully compliant storage facility in Canada. RSRS follows provincial guidelines for medical practice closure and patient record retention.

Our practice-closure services include:
• Patient Notification.
• Bankers Box Storage.
• EMR/Digital File Storage.
• Copying and Scanning.
• Patient Record Transfers and Retrievals (without prohibitive fees).
• Third-Party Transfers.
• Assistance with Equipment Sale/Donation.
• Patient Placement Assistance.

Call RSRS today at 1-888-563-3732, ext. 2 or visit our website.

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RSRS – Record Storage & Retrieval Services assists Canadian physicians with practice closure and medical records management. For more information, visit our website here.

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