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EMR or Retirement?

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confused doctorIt seems that the pressure in Ontario to move to electronic medical records has been causing some older physicians to consider retiring even sooner.

We’ve had more than just a few physicians tell us that they’d “rather call it quits than have to learn how to practice medicine in a new way after 30 or more years doing it the same way”.

If you fall into this category, we have two things worthy of consideration:

1.  If you want to have even a hope of selling or giving away your practice to a new physician, you’d better make the paper go away… not for the inactive patients but for the active ones.  You can have those records scanned by RSRS and we can deliver those files back to you in PDF format.  You can even continue afterwards to handwrite your notes. Scan them at the end of the day, along with any incoming consults, labs, reports, etc.  They can easily be appended to the electronic record with a simple, inexpensive piece of software… and presto… no more paper records.  (We recommend the storage of the inactive paper records at RSRS).  Suddenly your practice and your patients have newfound appeal to a starting practitioner.

Document management for soon-to-be retiring doctors.

A simple document management system might be the perfect solution for a physician who doesn't want to move to EMR.

2.  By implementing a simple document management system, you don’t have to make the big plunge or commitment into an EMR that you’ll be abandoning in just a few short years.

You’ll find more information about document management for medical practices at Medical Records Canada as well as at the RSRS website.

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