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The EMR / Paper Dilemma for Closing Practices

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Retaining both electronic and paper records can be tricky when closing your practice.

When a closing practice has both paper and electronic records to contend with, things become a little more complicated.  Not unworkable.  Just complicated.

If the closing physician is practicing on his/her own, that physician must have a way to access ALL of the information within the EMR for any given patient for the requisite period.  But how is that accomplished?… To be able to access it electronically, the physician must either maintain a license with the EMR vendor for the entire record retention period in order to ensure ongoing access.  Or, the physician must extract all of the information from the EMR for all patients, either in PDF format, or (Egads!) back to paper.  As at the time of this writing, our experience with the EMRs currently on the market has shown that there is no instantaneous way to extract all the information to PDF and it usually involves some coding and reformatting.  RSRS has become quite efficient at this task, having worked with countless proprietary CMS systems.

When RSRS is assisting a closing practice in this scenario with medical records storage, we have developed a system for not only retaining the combined EMR / Paper Record, but also responding to requests for transfer of the total record.

Frankly, we’ve been more than a bit surprised at the lack of forward planning on the part of most of the EMR companies and the bodies that have set standards for them, in terms of addressing the ultimate need to get the data out in an easy manner.   This also applies to the migration of data from one EMR system to another.  However, this seems to be changing with the new revised standards that are coming in order for an EMR company to be eligible for the EMR granting made available for dotors.

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