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Where are all the doctors? It’s a crucial question, since these days, physician shortages are widespread — and not without consequences.

In Bonnyville, Alta., for instance, Alberta Health Services (AHS) decided to close the hospital’s two-person pathology department rather than replace one of the retiring specialists.

According to media reports, AHS thought it would be too difficult to find a replacement pathologist and believed that a one-person department couldn’t handle the workload.

This will force the hospital to send biopsies to Edmonton, resulting in a two- to four-week wait for results, compared to the one to five days with the onsite pathologists.

Moreover, it will be difficult for the hospital’s medical staff to consult with pathologists about which lab tests to order or to discuss test results.

The closure of Bonnyville’s pathology department will likely affect patients. Similarly, closing a practice can have a significant impact on your patients.

Since 1997, RSRS has helped hundreds of doctors with medical-practice closures and record-storage obligations, minimizing the negative effects of practice closure on everyone affected. Whether you’re retiring, relocating or enquiring on behalf of a doctor’s estate, RSRS can help.

boxanddiskforemail150bRSRS is the only physician-managed, fully compliant storage facility in Canada and follows the guidelines for each Canadian province with respect to medical practice closure and patient record retention.

RSRS offers free services for a full-time primary care physician in Ontario, where RSRS is appointed custodian for the records, and facilitates all patient record transfer requests. RSRS also offers excellent rates for primary care physicians and specialists from all other provinces.

Call us today at 1-888-563-3732 or visit our website.




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