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Unattached Patient Programs – How Health Care Connect Helps Your Patients Locate New Physicians

  As you prepare to close your medical practice, you may feel concern over your patients’ ability to find a new health care practitioner. Of course, posting a notice in your office, mailing a letter to active patients or running … Continue reading

EMR or Retirement?… The Physician Dilemma

The decision to use an EMR when you’re close to retirement can be problematic for a physician. There is little doubt that the leap from paper to EMR is a quantum one. It may take many months to implement an … Continue reading

Record Retention – Pediatric Records

The┬áissue of record retention is one of particular concern for a closing medical practitioner. For a retiring or relocating physician, or for the estate of a physician, one can either consult with the provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons or … Continue reading

Closing Your Medical Practice… Some Considerations

Closing your practice as a physician entails a lot more than just anouncing that you’re shutting down in a couple of months and then throwing yourself a big party. Whether you are a retiring physician, a relocating physician or you … Continue reading