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The Proactive Patient

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According to a recent CBC news article, in the weeks after delivering a child in July, 2008, a Toronto-area woman noticed a dead-fish smell emanating from her body. Isn’t that a disgusting scenario? Turns out the source of the smell was a gauze sponge that the obstetrician had inadvertently left inside her after performing an episiotomy.

Significantly, the patient only discovered the sponge following a self-examination after the antibiotics her family doctor –thinking the wound-closing stitches had become infected – had prescribed failed to eradicate the smell or the discomfort.

A doctor’s worst nightmare, this incident underlines how proactive patients have become with respect to their healthcare.

Patients have learned to speak up.

No question, with the Internet, and its mountain of online medical information, just a click away, it’s much easier than ever for patients to take an active, proactive and informed role in their healthcare. Gone are the days of patients’ blind acceptance of a physician’s diagnosis. In this age of enlightenment, patients are asking questions; conducting research; and accessing their medical records to get an accurate picture of their health history before seeking a professional opinion(s).

With this in mind, reliable medical-record storage is critical, especially for doctors who are retiring or moving. These records, depending on the province, must be retained for anywhere from 2 to 34 years (in the case of pediatric charts in BC come June 1, 2013). Patients have a right to access their medical records, regardless of circumstance. It’s the law.

A leader in records management, RSRS is one of Canada’s largest repositories of medical records and specializes in medical records management and practice closure assistance. RSRS also services several other vertical markets, with experience and expertise in record scanning, storage, workflow and secure backup solutions.

RSRS also manages the secure transfer of records to patients, new physicians and authorized third parties in every province in Canada.


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