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How long can – or should – doctors practice before hanging up their stethoscope? It’s a delicate issue, fraught with issues such as the difficulty of accepting the idea of aging and the ingrained notion that retirement represents the end of a productive life.

But there’s a lot at stake. Physicians who continue practicing beyond a certain point will jeopardize patients’ lives.

scratchheadIt’s inevitable that clinical analysis, advanced mental functions, memory and the capacity to learn decline with age, a fact backed up by a number of studies.

Even the desire to learn can decline with age. There’s evidence that doctors who pursue continuing education keep their practice at a high level. Yet at least one study reveals that as doctors age, they’re less likely to participate in continuing education — professional suicide in a profession where the landscape is changing at warp speed.

Doctors need to be honest with themselves and know when to retire before health or competency issues force them to get out of the game. And in that scenario, no one — not the physician, not their patients and certainly not the healthcare system — wins.

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